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Dr. Tahir is currently involved in the cutting edge research of new biological therapies for rheumatoid arthritis.

I am a principal investigator for numerous clinical trials looking at new therapies for patients with inflammatory arthritis and SLE (lupus)

I am very passionate about clinical research and am committed to continuing my involvement, despite a busy a clinical job, with the aim of providing patients the best opportunity to be part of research into musculoskeletal conditions and enhance the understanding of musculoskeletal disease.

I have been involved with both commercial and non-commercial studies and am an active memebr of a number of Steering Research groups, the Barts ECAM CAG Research Board as well as an elected Trustee of the WXH Education & Research Committee.

My reseacrh interests are in Translational Reseach focussing on Immunotherpaies / Biologics, Inflammatory Arthritis, Early AS and Tendinopathies.

Since I became lead for rheumatology research at Whipps Cross hospital over 5 years ago, the Randomised Control Trial work has significantly expanded and is recognised nationally. Last year, we generated in excess of £400K to support trials and clinical services. The rheumatology research unit currently participates in over 20 multi-national phase 3/4 trials for which I am the chief investigator for 6, principal investigator for 14 and co-investigator for the remaining. The unit has a successful recruitment record within time and to target and some of the trials are reporting the higest recruitment rates in the country and more recently internationally for an AS study.

The work has resulted in me presenting the outcomes of a number of the studies at a national and international level.This work has significantly improved the profile of the dept and WXH as a clinical trials research unit.

In the last 3 years I have secured in excess of 250 K grants for research and development of musculoskeletal services at Whipps Cross hospital.

My drive to encourage research in our unit at Whipps Cross hospital has resulted in research becoming a standard treatment option for all our patients.